Recall Notice

You may have seen recent news coverage regarding hand sanitizer recalls.  We have just been informed that one of our suppliers, a large multinational chemical supplier, sent a different grade of ethanol that has affected our lots #20–070, #20-083 #20-366-373 (less then 1% of production). 
We request that you return these lots for a replacement as it may result in dry skin, causing irritation or cracking. If you are in possession of these lot numbers, please contact us for a replacement at  
We at ProtectENOL are also pleased to report that we are one of a small number of hand sanitizer companies throughout Canada that have had our ethanol suppliers independently tested through Health Canada licensed facilities. Those tests have confirmed that all remaining ethanol used in our products complies with FCC (Food Chemical Codex) standards/foodgrade. 
We are working with health Canada with respect to these results so our products will continue to be recognized as food grade compliant but in the interim health Canada has instructed us to advise potential purchasers to utilize the label now on our website, rather than the existing label on the product.  
We are committed to ensuring the highest standards for our clients and should you require copies of the laboratory analysis confirming FCC compliant, or if you have any further questions, please do email us directly at